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“A tree with strong roots laughs at storms”

Malay proverb


Combining the principles of Adventure Play and Forest School, Super Roots is about inspiring and empowering children & families to engage and connect with their wild side.


We support the rights of all children to “Learn By Doing”, be rich in imagination, be able to build & cook on a fire from scratch, use tools, climb trees, be resilient and celebrate the power of diversity #NaturalHealthService


Nurturing curiosity about the natural world, its science, folk histories and practical uses in an outdoor setting, is an amazing way to foster immersive learning and multi-sensory connections.


Creating magical memories and embedding the spirit of adventure not only makes education become alive, but has the power, through play, to be a lifelong resource benefiting physical, social & mental health.


As a not-for-profit community interest company, we believe outdoor education should be inclusive, affordable and accessible; a collaborative space where everyone is learning.


This building of hands-on positive relationships between children and nature is crucial to inspiring solutions of climate change and loss of biodiversity, by counterbalancing the “extinction of experience” :

“As cities… forsake their natural diversity, and their citizens grow more removed from personal contact with nature, awareness and appreciation retreat. This breeds apathy toward environmental concerns and, inevitably, further degradation of the common habitat….So it goes, on and on, the extinction of experience sucking the life from the land, the intimacy from our connections… people who don’t know don’t care. What is the extinction of the condor to a child who has never known a wren?”

Robert Pyle, 1975


Established by Ellen Vellacott and Shaun Turner just before the crazy year of 2020, it’s a small operation assisted by two young children! Based at Hackney City Farm, our roots at the farm go back to the construction of the straw bale building, green roof shipping container classroom in the pig pen and the Magnificent Revolutionary Bike Powered Cinema.

Ellen Vellacott is a freelance Forest School Leader, and co-runs design & build workshops for Made From Scratch (Creating Sanctuaries for the Imagination). Having grown up in the city, she’s had a lifetime connection of learning and working with Forest School Camps. Her background is as a Senior Playworker for city adventure playgrounds developing projects with children with SEND (Specialist Educational Needs & Disabilities) and SEMH (Social, Emotional & Mental Health needs).

Shaun Turner is a carpenter who has built and taught using eco building materials & techniques and off grid power systems for many years. An integral part of any building project or event, he has a passion for home education through mechanical inventing, outdoor art and exploring nature with children.

Super Roots work with freelance outdoor practitioners, all of which are experienced, trained and hold up to date DBS checks.


Richard Skrein Laura Hyde (Igor & Me) Roshini Thamotheram (Women’s Environmental Network)