Forest School

One of the reasons we began Super Roots was the inequality of access to “Forest School” opportunities. We celebrate the movement to rewild our communities and ignite children’s lifelong curiosity in nature. Playful learning outdoors is infectious and the positive ripple effect can benefit families too.


Outdoor sessions can happen anywhere that has some wild nature: public parks, school grounds, nature reserves, city woodlands or an amazing adventure woods in Kent.

Based upon Forest School Principles, sessions run for a minimum of 6 weeks.
As weeks develop, the sessions support positive risk taking (using hand tools, building a fire, performing or reflecting to the group, blindfold games) within a safe and non-judgemental space. This combination of stepping out of your comfort zone, being outdoors in all weathers, and using a “Learn By Doing” approach, empowers and nurtures resilience in children.

What to Expect

Hands-on activities, observation, games and discussions is catered to the particular age and stage of the group.


wildlife, small world exploring, soil and compost, Plant + Fungi Kingdoms, habitats and ecosystems.

Natural Art

collective or individual sculpture, natural paint + dyes, mark making: charcoal, natural brushes and natural signage, mandalas,


Natural shelter techniques, habitat creation, play structures, using hand tools, lashing & knot techniques


building techniques and their history, cooking techniques, Pewter casting, candle making


looking at mythologies of natural phenomena across different cultures, imaginative play, puppet techniques, making books.


planting, habitat protection, litter picking, sign or poster making, wild foraging for tinder, edible or medicinal plants, Junior Forest Award, John Muir Award.


making instruments, songs, drumming games

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