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Forest Fridays at Phytology

POST-ITEM 1!! Forest Fridays at Phytology

A collaboration with Phytology, Forest Fridays was a free weekly project from March — November 2020, for local families and their children to explore and learn about the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve on their doorstep. At the gate every week, we gave out activity idea sheets, seed packets, tree sap...

20th Feb 2021
Fire Workshop

POST-ITEM 2!! Fire Workshop

1—2 Days

Using a forged fire pit of tools and steel, the 'Fire in the Belly' workshop explores different types of natural tinder, how to spark and build a fire from scratch, and the history of fire techniques, spirits and stories. Working with Flo Francis, a chef with Made in Hackney and a long hi...

20th Feb 2021
Newham Natural Crafts

POST-ITEM 4!! Newham Natural Crafts

Newham Natural Crafts was co-founded by Ellen Vellacott and three parents in 2016, in response to the massive lack of any year round outdoor play and craft in Newham or Barking & Dagenham, East London. Pre-lockdown, we ran monthly Saturday sessions exploring nature based themes and traditional craft...

20th Feb 2021
Made from Scratch

POST-ITEM 5!! Made from Scratch

'Creating Sanctuaries for the Imagination'

Ellen Vellacott has worked with Made From Scratch for many years, delivering play design and build workshops for children, as well as planting and assistant carpentry for their playground construction projects.

20th Feb 2021

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8th Oct 2020